About Us

Goldstein Salmon – a family of salmon curers for over a century

A traditional company with a modern approach to customer care. Through four generations, the care and pride we have for our smoked salmon, has enabled us to develop what we consider the finest product on the market today.

The traditionally mild London smoked salmon we provide is renowned for it’s consistent creamy, smoky texture. Our product range is designed with your needs in mind. We are always pleased to tailor our range of smoked and raw salmon products to your requirements.

Our client base is made up from a broad spectrum of delicatessens, caterers, wholesalers, sandwich makers, restaurants and snack bars.

If kosher certification is important to you, then look no further than Goldstein’s. Our reputation amongst kosher establishments is second to none. With London Beth Din and Kedassia approval, we are your first stop for kosher salmon.

Hygiene and health are paramount to our industry. You can be secure in the knowledge that our product is awarded the BRC certification for food safety.

Care and consideration for our delicate environment is always an important issue. Our kilns are fitted with smog eaters to purify the smoke before emission. We are very aware of the unnecessary amounts of packaging materials used on today’s food products and always attempt to use the minimum possible.

Our History

Goldstein Salmon, started smoking salmon in 1911 and is arguably the oldest established family of salmon curers based in the London area.

Wolfe Goldstein, at the turn of the 20th century was widely recognised as the most skilled salmon filleter and curer in London. His daily visits to The Old Billingsgate Market gave him the opportunity to select the finest quality fish, straight from the rivers of Scotland for his unique and careful curing over slowly smouldering oak dust.

His dream was to have a company of his own and be able to provide his wealth of knowledge and experience direct to the customer. This only came to fruition with the founding of Goldstein Salmon by Wolfe’s son David in 1960.

Over the course of the next 40 years, ably assisted by his son Ian, the business developed and grew, until in January 2000 Ian took the giant leap away from the east end of London and moved into a state of the art factory in Stanmore, Middx.

In 2008 the next chapter began when Ian’s son Nick entered the family business. He brought with him a new, forward thinking attitude and has improved many aspect of the company. After Ian's retirement in 2018, Nick has now taken over as Managing Director, and we are truly now in our fourth generation.

We are proud of our direct family heritage and hope that this shows in the personable service we offer all customers.

Our Process

We have a tried and tested 4-step process for creating our salmon products.

Fish Quality

  • Our fish are selected according to our uncompromising desire to produce the finest quality smoked salmon
  • The fish are reared in the cool, clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean under the strictest environmental standards
  • Our highly qualified environmental health consultant personally audits all of our suppliers
  • We insist on our fish being lean and well fed, thus providing a superb firm fleshed specimen


  • Upon arrival at our smokehouse, the fish are checked to ensure they meet our exacting specification
  • The fish are hand filleted by our highly skilled craftsmen, then salted using our own traditional method
  • This curing procedure, which lasts for at least 24 hours, is a vital part of our process
  • The natural salt helps absorb large quantities of water that may remain in the fillets, thus reducing the risk of bacteria surviving and helping to prepare the flesh for ease of slicing.


  • The fillets are placed in our smoking kilns, where pure oak dust is slowly passed over them. This imparts a wonderful colour and texture
  • The smoked fillets are then left to mature, allowing the delicious mild, creamy, smoky flavour to develop
  • After another quality check, the fillets are trimmed by hand and all bones removed
  • The fillets are then thinly sliced and expertly prepared to the customers’ individual requirements.

Quality Controls

  • All staff are stringently trained to our bespoke food safety and hygiene standards
  • Stringent controls are in place to ensure our product is of the highest quality
  • Our process is monitored and conforms to the rigorous standard laid down by The British Retail Consortium (BRC).

Our products

We offer several product types. if you cannot find what you are looking for, please Contact Us.

Various formats of fresh salmon prepared to your specification. Other species of fresh fish are available according to market.

Finest quality sliced smoked salmon, retail packs various weights available 100gram – 1kilo, vacuum/loose packed.

Finest quality sliced smoked salmon, portion control sandwich/bagel packs various weights, vacuum packed.

Portion control slices, ideal for catering purposes. Each slice approx 30 grams centre cut, perfect for hors d’ouevres designs.

Whole sides smoked salmon bone in, vacuum/loose packed.

Whole sides smoked salmon trimmed and boned ready for slicing, vacuum/loose packed.

Pre-sliced sides smoked salmon laid back on the skin, vacuum packed.

Royal fillet of smoked salmon, centre cut loin, the heart of the side, for that special occasion.

Hot smoked salmon, individual portions or whole prepared sides.

Smoked cods roe vacuum/loose packed.


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